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Belated thanksgivings everyone and happy holidays too! Ours was full of love and family and fun and I hope yours all were the same.
I am working on Christmas cards right now, so I will post a separate post where you guys can give me your addresses.
I am really sorry I haven't been on top of my game here with my livejournal. My tumblr has kind of been distracting me here recently.
Here is a video of my giggle monster to make up for it though.

Ellenie's Tumblr has all kinds of pictures and videos of her and you can see it even if you don't have an account.
My Tumblr is just full of random.

Missed you all!

but seriously, why is all the rum gone?


My poor Trinity (toyota matrix xr) was just smashed into while I was at a stop light! The roads were wet, and apparently the kid didn't understand that as soon as it rans there is oil on the road from vehicles, and while raining you should drive more cautiously.  Even scarier getting hit when you have your baby in the car! Just to add to my fucking excellent luck turns out my license were suspended October 15th but he couldn't tell me why, I didn't get to go get my little 4year old friend Catie her llama llama in red pajamas,  and I came home to an empty bottle of rum. WHY IS ALL THE RUM GONE HUSBAND?!   

colbert omg!


Of Montreal played last night in Atlanta with Janelle Monae. This show was truly amazing. There was a great crowd (give or take the few assholes who like to come in late and try to push themselves to the front) The energy was pumped and they kept it going. A band named Deep Cotton started the evening off. I had never he heard of them before, but they were an awesome mixture of Outcast and 60's music.

I had not been a fan of Janelle Monae. There was only one song I ever heard of her's and I didn't like it all that much.Ironically I absolutely loved it when she performed it, along with all the other songs she did! She presented herself as an android from the future, traveling back in time to prepare us for the vast technological changes ahead. You must dance or die! She has a beautiful voice that has a wide range and she breaks into a sort of scat. At one point during her concert she painted a picture while singing. Needless to say I was a fan of hers by the time she was done.

Of Montreal though, ahhhh, they were just amazing. It was crazy insanity all over the stage. Kevin Barnes is just giddy with joy the whole entire time, as masked people come from every angle in strange costumes, doing crazy things, everyone's dancing and singing. He is literally dry humping people on stage. There is very high volume of sexuality and play. It's like an amazing soft core porn play time for Kevin, and he is just playing dress up with everyone! He played all of my favorite songs,and had such awesome visual effects. Definitely gave the crowd everything they could have thought they would want and more!

By the end of the night my feet are pretty much magnetized to the floor, I am bruised from the pushing, molested by strangers, feathered and glittered in places I never thought possible, and the sweat (mine and strangers) infused all the little foreign objects to me. Walking outside to meet the crisp winter air was all a bitter sweet refreshment of an amazing night that was coming to an end.

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My daughter Ellenie is going to be 5 months tomorrow. She has big smiles and can roll over from tummy to back. She pulls her binkie out of her mouth and can almost get it back in. She reconizes her name, and follows you around with her eyes. She sleeps all night long with out waking up, and eats 6oz every bottle feeding. She also has been eating solid foods for a bit now. Sweet peas are her favorite! She is such a happy baby and only cries when she is sleepy , hungry , has to stop eating to burp, or tummy time.
I feel like she is meeting most of her milestones, but she can't really sit up at all on her own, and she refuses to let me do tummy time with her at all. I am really worried about this. I know she should be used to laying on her stomach by now and trying to push off , and building muscles to crawl, and sitting herself up, but she just screams till she turns red in the face when I put her on her stomach. I've tried so hard to get her to enjoy it. I put toys down for her to play with. I lay her on bright patterned blankets. I lay her in front of the laptop with a fun kid show on (this seems to be the only thing that almost works!)

I just feel like I am not investing enough time into this tummy time skill, or maybe I am missing a key factor in it or something!
Anyone have any suggestions?

Ellenie's first Halloween went great though! We all matched, and we went trick or treating!

Baby picture.. :)

Princess Chubby Cheeks
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Shots, Silly babies,and food!

I am sorry! Long time no update I know! I have been distracted by this tumblr shit, idk, anyways!
Lots has happened in Ellenie's life. She has been eating solid foods, and loves carrots. She has been going to football games. She loves all the noise and people yelling, it gets her excited. She can also sleep through the crowd like it was nothing! We got her ears pierced. It didn't even phase her at all.She now likes to use her little voice. By use it I mean she likes to scream and squeal loud. This is her new form of communication. We are working on giggling. That is still a work in progress. She turned 4 months October 4th! That means we have shots this month :(
I am making her Halloween costume. She is going to be a little sushi roll (well a piece of nagiri actually) I am going to be a geisha and Matt a sushi chef.

As far as I go, ugh I am still fighting getting myself back to normal. Matt and I fight all the time, and sometimes it's his fault for being stupid, or inconsiderate, but alot of times it's me just flying off the handle for no reason. I get unreasonably out of control and I don't know why or how to contain it. I feel like I just fill up with rage and let it out on him.

My car has been recalled! No big, just the engine. So I have to make an appointment to go get it checked out at the dealership. Fun times.

Onward to the good stuff...
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Baby update

I think my little Ellenie is discovering her voice. Any form of communication she gives is now a high pitched squeal of excitment or an equally high pitched shrill. She does the occasional babbles and grunts, but mostly just squeals. I am really wanting a giggle :(
Anyone else child choose to express them selves at high volumes?

She is getting so big! We went for a check up and Ellenie was 13lbs 10oz. I can't believe most of our babies will be 4months or older soon! She also has her four month shot coming up! Anyone else cry more than their baby did at the first round of shots? Ellenie's eyes just got really big and that little lip popped out. I on the other hand was holding back the blubber!

Everyone is already preparing for first Halloween. What do you plan to do with your babies for Halloween. I know some will go trick or treating with their older siblings, but what if they are an only child? I think it would look kind of creepy if I went walking around with a little baby asking for candy when clearly we know who the candy would be for :)

Does anyone else have a baby with or has had a haemangioma ? Ellenie has one on her temple that is getting bigger. The doctors all say it will get bigger then go away, but ugh I just wish it was gone!
and obligatory baby pictures of course ...

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I know I say this alot, and damn it one day I am going to do it.
I want to regain control of my life and emotions. I never knew post partum could have such an effect.
I want to start doing yoga again. I want to eat healthy. I want to clean my apartment completely. I want to put Ellenie and myself on a schedule. I want to read to her more. I want to be more for her. I want to get life situated. I want to cook dinner. I want my husband to be home at nights, but this will take a while.
  We are in the process of actually looking for a new apartment. I feel like this is going to give us a nice clean start. This apartment was Matt's, it had all his things his arrangements, his mess (not that I didn't contribute later) Our new place will have our things, our home, our love, My decoration (hehe) It will be ours to build together. We want two bedroom, so that will clear clutter of all Ellenie things, and it has to have washer and dryer hook ups, that will clear our ever battle with laundry.
  We aren't going to go out as much. I told him I would much rather just stay at home and spend time with him. I don't know why he feels like we need to just go out and get smashed. One or neither of us always ends up having a bad time, we spend alot of money , and I just want to  be with him and have quality time. Nice cooked dinner, watching a movie at home on the couch. I get 1 1/2 days a week with him. I don't want to fight with someone else for his time or attention.

  The belly monster is slightly sick. We took her to the doctor today. She's congested and has a slight cold. No need for medicine unless slightly absolutely destroys me when she feels sick. She did weigh in at 13lbs 10 oz! Oh what a healthy little chunker I have!!

I really want to learn how to knit. I tried reading stitch and bitch but I just can't figure out this process with a book and pictures. I think this is a hands on thing I will have to learn from someone else. I really want to get Ellenie (and myself) a few beanies for cold weather

Fall please come and stay, Winter is too cold, and Spring makes me sick. I don't look good in Summer clothes , so Fall is my pick!

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My child is just too fucking cute. I mean...seriously. Too fucking cute!

This was my first attempt at making Ellenie a tutu, and it didn't turn out HORRIBLE, so here's hoping it gets better. If any of you ladies on my list have hair bands or crafty ways I can create my own PLEASE help me!

Ellenie turned 3 months old Friday! She's getting so big so fast. I love her to pieces!